Friday, October 3, 2008

Keeper League: Best Picks (Clarification)

After a few messages from league members, I wanted to clarify something about this exercise. I'm not trying to point out people who made big mistakes in their keeper and draft selections. And if I were, it's easy enough to find some of my own mistakes (most of which will show their faces when we get to the starting pitcher lists).

The idea was just to see which picks turned out, which ones didn't, and to what extent. What I am not saying is that Troy Tulowitzki, Eric Byrnes, and Victor Martinez shouldn't have been keepers. They were all legitimate keepers; in fact, there really wasn't an illegitimate keeper at all this year. Some were better than others, but we didn't have Jacque Jones kept on any teams (zing!).

If nothing else, members of the league can use this analysis as a tool to see where they have trouble evaluating talent (like me with pitching), and where they can feel good about their judgment. Plus it's fun.

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