Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keeper League: Best Picks (2B)

Second Basemen

  1. Ian Kinsler (keeper) - #3
  2. Chase Utley (keeper) - #2
  3. Brian Roberts (keeper) - #4
  4. Brandon Phillips (keeper) - #9
  5. Robinson Cano (keeper) - #16
  6. B.J. Upton (keeper) - #7
  7. Chone Figgins (keeper) - #20
  8. Rickie Weeks, The Usual Suspects - #17
  9. Howie Kendrick, Dunedain Rangers - #33
  10. Placido Polanco, Those Guys - #11
  11. Dan Uggla, Vandelay Industries - #6
  12. Yunel Escobar, Mercer AutoWreckers - #18
  13. Kelly Johnson, DamKnights - #10
  14. Dustin Pedroia, MercerAutoWreckers - #1
  15. Kazuo Matsui, Those Guys - #22
  16. Jeff Kent, Riders of Rohan - #32
  17. Ryan Theriot, Howard’s Heroes - #13

There was actually a decent level of predictability among second basemen, with five of the seven keepers garnering top ten spots. This year also showed the continued development of second base as a legitimate offensive position, as opposed to years past, when it was pretty much a defense-only position.

Mercer had by far the best second baseman draft pick in eventual #1 ranked Dustin Pedroia. He'll pick up MVP votes this season, but he slipped well beyond the starter slots in our draft. Also, kudos to Vandelay for grabbing Dan Uggla, who once again had big power with a low batting average, but enough run production to finish #6.

Worst picks? I hate to say it, but Howie Kendrick was a colossal disappointment, finishing #33 despite being the 9th 2B off the board. Rickie Weeks was also a tough pill to swallow, and less of his low ranking is attributed to injury than Kendrick's.

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