Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ambiorix Burgos is a bad guy.

Holy shit. It looks like while all of you were concerned with Terrell Owens having a sit-down with his quarterback, a member of the Mets bullpen was out there killing people. And I do mean all of you, not all of us; I have always supported Owens, despite his selfish tendencies.

The guy (allegedly) throws his girlfriend to the ground, then (allegedly) kills two women with his car. And his explanation? He was sitting in the back seat of the truck. He admits to being in the vehicle that killed those women, and obviously admits to not stopping (making it a hit-and-run), but he says he wasn't at the wheel. First off, come on, he did it. Second, he sold his cousin up a river. Third, come on, he did it.

Fourth, and most importantly in my mind, what the fuck is wrong with people? Anyone who has experienced a personal loss knows that death is fuckin' serious. When someone dies, everything else gets pushed to the back burner. When someone dies, you realize how insignificant most of your day-to-day problems are. And when someone dies, they're dead. You run down two people in your truck, you've just ended two lives, but you've also put great strain on dozens more. The loss of even the least-liked and least popular people in the world (such as yours truly) would leave many people in deep mourning. You hit somebody, if it wasn't intentional, you stop the car, call for an ambulance, and face the music. And if it was intentional, then you go to jail, and stay there.

Bad fucking guy.

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