Monday, June 16, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 36

So here we are, the final spoiler for the Mega Man Magic set. And as is wisest, we'll go out with a bang.


The scene from the beginning of the game, with Mega Man atop a large skyscraper, overlooking the city he's about to protect. Perseverance is maybe the best word to describe Mega Man, so I'm pleased to have it represented in my set.

This set ended up with like three different clone-type cards, but each has its own little twist. This actually is probably just straight up worse than Clone, but at least it's flavorful. At least that.

This is another card that got some rare playtesting, and it turned out the card was way more powerful than I had anticipated. So I bumped the mana cost and the rarity. I may have overcompensated, but in a set with a looter and various other discard cards, this guy can do some work.

Ahh, the password. Kind of missing from today's gaming world, but in the old days, the password was your only chance to preserve your progress in difficult games. I'm happy with the flavor of this guy, though I have a hard time judging its power level in a vacuum. Hopefully it's not too far off.

Which leads us to our last card...

The final image from the game, or close to it. The last screen actually just has "Presented by Capcom U.S.A., but I needed Thank You for Playing on the screen for it to make sense. Anyways, big black swamp-based life drain. I'm on board with the card, even if I'd probably never play it.

So that's the end of the list. In a couple days, I'll link to an Imgur album with all of the cards posted, so you can browse through them at your convenience. And then it'll be on to the next yet undetermined. I'll keep you in the loop, of course.

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