Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 35

The next-to-last spoiler, so I'm gonna make it a crap one. Nah, just kidding, it'll be good.

Nah, trash.

Nah, just whatever's left.

Some more equipment manipulation from white. It's a simple and not particularly exciting card, but one that serves a purpose in the set.

A nice never-dying green creature for you. It's obviously a play on the enemy in the actual game, which just keeps coming and coming and coming. No way to use the Leaf Shield to generate endless power-ups though.

Interestingly, this card started out exactly as what it is now. Then, I changed it a half-dozen ways because in one of the rare playtests I had, I got burned by it. But after a lot of soul-searching and reviewing of the set, the card fittingly returned to its roots. Artifact destruction at sorcery speed is pretty low value. The Robot Master addition is what makes the card. I would compare it to Urgent Exorcism. Enchantments are less common than artifacts, especially in this set. But Robot Masters are generally going to be more important to a player's plans than a random spirit. Plus the 4 life, in case you need to punch your own pacified guy or something. There's a lot going on with the card, but I'm confident the mana is right.

Everybody plays a Clone...sometimes.

Blue gets an extra one, though.

Next post is the last post!

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