Monday, June 9, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 34

Let's splash some rares up in here.

I've always been a fan of equipment, which was obviously part of why I incorporated it so heavily into the set. This isn't a wildly exciting equipment-based card (not like Stoneforge Mystic), but it's a nice way to really screw an opponent who thought he found a way to stop you from using your great equipment.

My set's version of Mind Control. Or Control Magic for you old school players. By the way, I highly recommend clicking that link for Control Magic. The art is amazing.

Tutoring, with an equipment tilt.

Initially this felt like an uncommon, but the size of the creature, in conjunction with trample and firebreathing, made a combination not often found in Magic, and only found at the rare level. And make no mistake, this is an easy pack one/pick one in limited.

Another kind of simple card that actually has a lot going on, this guy can take over a board right when he shows up. His toughness can be pumped out of reach for most enemies, and the power only has to be non-zero in order to get work done. Another easy first pick, I think.

Initially I wasn't wild about this card, but the more I thought about it, especially in limited, the more I felt it could be a real winner. Because your opponent might not have equipment to play, you can either force them to eat 2 damage every turn, or force them to sideboard in suboptimal equipment cards as an insurance policy. Both good.

Two more posts and we're in the books.

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