Friday, May 23, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 31


I think this card would actually get taken pretty highly in a limited situation in this set. Essence Scatter was a strong card in M13 and M14, and this set has a ton of artifact spells. Plus, the fact that you only need one blue to cast it means you can work it into any blue deck, not just heavy blue decks like Cancel.

I wanted to make cards that worked with the prototype mechanic, and this does. It's not great to return a bunch of your own creatures to your hand, but it makes decisions more complex with prototype in the mix, so I like it.

It's a play on Claustrophobia, worse and better. It costs 1 more if you want to tap the same guy, but if you want to tap some other guy, you can do that. I'm happy with it.

Blue sometimes gets these weird land change cards. Could shut your opponent all the way down for a turn as far as casting spells. Might've undercosted it, but it looks fun to me.


That's it for this one. I think next time we'll do white cards. I think.

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