Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 26

Today's subject: black cards. Some people call it reverse racism; I call it just the cards I decided to highlight today.

After a stretch from Innistrad to M13 when black was getting 2/2's for 2 (mostly Walking Corpse), Wizards seems set on not having that kind of creature available in black anymore. I cite Fleshmad Steed as evidence. So, your options as a creator are:
  1. ignore Wizards and make 2/2's for 2, because screw the man;
  2. make 2/2's for 2 that have a downside; or 
  3. make 2/2's for 3.
Pierobot is a 2/2 for 3. Black always has some death benefits, so Pierobot gets that play.

Energy Beam is my set's Doom Blade. Or, more appropriately, my set's Go for the Throat. By the way, I like Go for the Throat's flavor, twofold. First, obviously, artifact creatures don't have veins pulsing at the neck. Second, and more relevant to Energy Beam, is that while Go for the Throat would be a great card in a vacuum, it was less effective within its artifact-heavy block. Similarly, while Energy Beam would destroy almost any creature in a modern constructed format (where equipment is rare), in this set, it's much more likely to be moot if a creature gets equipped before you have a chance to eliminate it. I'm very happy with this card.

Straightforward card. On a side note, on the "difficult" setting of Mega Man 2, Press does insane damage.

I had wanted to include more cards, but Blogger is losing its fucking mind right now, and gives me an error every time I try to add something else. So fuck it.


matthew talbott said...

Hey joe, nice cards. I like Energy Beam, has great flavor in this set, but I think it should be a sorcery. Too easy to get around the unequipped clause, being an instant. Think it would be still a very good, strong card at sorcery. Price could be made more lenient also, maybe 1B if a sorcery

matthew talbott said...

and Press is exactly the kind of creature that goes into the kind of limited decks i play

Joe Mattingly said...

Yeah, I'd thought about that, but flavor-wise, the Energy Beam zips across the screen at you. It just *can't* be sorcery speed.

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