Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 28

How about a bunch of white cards? I hope you said yes, because I can't edit this post on the fly.

Cornered is one of the first non-creature cards I made in the set. I was basically just playing through the game taking screenshots, and then I went back to review the screenshots and see if any of them could be converted into a card. This was the easiest one to visualize right away, so here you have it.

White's gotta have a tapper. I don't know how my set plays, but if it ends up being a slow set, this guy could do some real work late game.

The flavorrrrrr...

It's obviously not a strong card, but white and blue often get these kinds of blinky cards, rescue/manipulation spells. Not sexy, but potentially useful.

A nice simple equipment-based card. I actually wanted to make Peng weaker, since it's not strong in the game itself, but it was more important to fill the hole of medium-sized flyer in the Magic set.

What a quick blast of cards this was. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll get another set ready soon, so be ready.

1 comment:

matthew talbott said...

fan fiend looks solid, love the idea of a beefy vigilance tapper

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