Friday, May 9, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 27

You know what we're missing? Well, no. If you did, this wouldn't be much of a spoiler. But what we've got this time is some good old fashioned red cards. Get ready to feel the burn.

Literally every single set you see will have some card that's a twist on Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt is a little too strong for today's Magic, but people just aren't as excited about Shock, so you're usually looking for something extra. Searing Spear or Lightning Strike for an extra damage, Galvanic Blast for artifact decks, etc. Initially I'd had this at a single red mana with a weaker Prototype upside, but I wanted Prototype to matter in the set, so I went higher. I don't know how it would play out in a true tabletop experience, but I'm comfortable with the power level of this card.

Also, lol, Mega Man isn't supposed to have a pistol.

The truth is, I may have too many burn spells in this set. I worry that I may have leaned too heavily on direct damage for red, but what can you do. Red is red. The flavor is good on this one, but the card itself is terrible. I mean, maybe in a niche, but in a limited setting, miserable.

Kind of a weird card for red, feels a little more white. Not blocking is definitely part of red's color pie, but it's usually more intermittent. As far as cards go, though, it's pretty useful I think.

Red always has a combat trick, but I added haste to this card to make it a little more versatile. It's not often you'll get full value out of both factors, but the options help I think. Kind of like my Hasty Repairs card from green.

Initially Impregnable Wall was a creature, but it was hard to make it strong enough to be "impassable" but still have a weakness to a particular "weapon" (which I interpreted as a color for this set). It's pretty strong, but a bit forbidding on the mana side. Colorless narrow Fog probably means it's not getting drafted very high. Hopefully the flavor is good enough.

That's all for this post. Getting down to it, only about 50 cards to go. Get excited.


matthew talbott said...

MegaMan pistol card is bah roken

matthew talbott said...

The Blue Bomber- Legendary Artifact Creature 1UU

At beginning of each turn you may have Mega Man become a copy of target creature in an opponent's graveyard


Top that Joe

matthew talbott said...

lemme try that again

The Blue Bomber- Legendary Artifact Creature 1UU

At the beginning of each upkeep you may have The Blue Bomber become a copy of target creature card in an opponents graveyard until end of turn.


Feel better about that wording

Joe Mattingly said...

Hey, that's kind of cool. If we'd talked about a year ago, I might've changed my Mega Man into something like that.

matthew talbott said...

yeah the graveyard theme might not be blue but the ability really captures the game i think

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