Friday, May 2, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 24

Less talk, more rock. (In this circumstance, "rock" is the same thing as "blue Magic cards.")

Blue's always got that flash defending guy you can use to spike in there and kill an attacker. The price on Big Fish is a little high, but 4 power is 4 power; you can't just give that away. I don't think it's as good a card as Faerie Invaders, even at a smaller CMC, but it fits. Also, the 1 toughness is just great flavor.

James was very worried the first time I showed him a version of this card, and I'm still not sure I understand his concern. Obviously it hinders your opponent to take a draw away from him, but it's not wildly useful, nor is it something I can see as being easily abused. Anyways, there it is.

Standard blue power-reduction card. It's a little more narrow than some of the other ones that have been printed, but -5/-0 is a lot of power to lose. Could be a blowout from time to time, which is all you can really ask of a common.

I knew I needed another counterspell, and I found that I also needed another rare. So I just added a bonus effect to the counter, and let it go. In theory, you could also use this card to counter your own spell, if you wanted to recast some creature or artifact for some reason. But in general, I think you use it to really stifle your opponent.

Maybe there's a mill plan, maybe there isn't. But at least the cards are there.

Jumping underwater is dangerous in Mega Man, as you can see. But in case you're not sure why, here's one black card to zoom in on it.

Those are spike mines, fella. Watch your head. And see you next time.

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