Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 29

I've been posting various clumps of cards from a shared color. Today, we're going with a rainbow: one card from each color.

A natural inclusion in a set heavily vested in equipment, Assembly Line is, I think, appropriately costed. It's hard to know for sure on mana-saving cards, but I think it's narrow enough that it's safe. Probably could've been an uncommon, but again, narrow.

One of my more elegant cards. I was pretty proud when I came up with it, and I think it's got a good flavor. Would definitely like feedback on this one.

Red always has land destruction, but I like when black has an option as well. This one feels pretty black, with the burn-all on top. Might actually be one mana undercosted, but for the black deck player on a mana budget, here you go.

Pretty straightforward. Again, an emphasis on the importance of equipment in this set.

Green always has some strange ways to get a little card advantage. Land-based stuff, combat tricks, etc., and this is another one. That's all.

Is colorless a color? Anyways, I like for each set to have some kind of artifact-based mana-fixing/ramp. This fits both bills, and in the right constructed deck could actually be vastly overpowered. But in limited, not so broken. And that's the circumstance I worried about most with this set of mine.

See you next time, somewhere past the rainbow.

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