Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Things I'm Going to Miss About Drafting M13 - Number Three

This is part of a continuing series highlighting what I'll miss most about drafting M13. Check out recent blog posts to view the rest of the list.

#3 - Unsummon

I love Unsummon. If I could declare one card as being almost completely under-valued by the Magic community, it would be Unsummon. I've picked it first in drafts more often than I probably should, just because it's so amazingly versatile.
  • Big token incoming? Unsummon is a kill spell.
  • Big honkin' Primordial Hydra about to smash you? Unsummon and all those nasty +1/+1 counters slip into the ether.
  • War Falcon attacking with a white ring and Mark of the Vampire? Unsummon kills the enchantment and massively undermines your opponent's tempo.
  • Need that Murder back from your graveyard? Unsummon Archaeomancer and treat yourself.
  • Opponent casting Rancor? Unsummon the target and Rancor goes into the graveyard for good.
When you have Unsummon in your hand, you have an out for almost any turn of events. Replacing its role in M14 will be its big brother Disperse, which allows you to return any permanent to its owner's hand for 1U. It's a broader effect and I'm sure it'll be a useful card, but at one mana, Unsummon is just the king. It will be missed.

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