Friday, July 19, 2013

The Things I'm Going to Miss About Drafting M13 - Number One

This is the conclusion of a continuing series highlighting what I'll miss most about drafting M13. Check out recent blog posts to view the rest of the list.

#1 - The Roaring Primodox Engine

One of my favorite things in an M13 draft was getting a Primodox early and then going bonkers with "enter the battlefield" cards. When it didn't work out it left you with a hodgepodge of green, white, and black cards, but when it did, oh mama, that engine could hum.

The thing that was so fun about Roaring Primodox is that its effect is, in a vacuum, a negative. Having to re-cast creatures is generally not something you want to do with your mana. But when you find the cards whose "enter the battlefield" effects were valuable, you were turning a negative into a positive. By employing the right complementary cards, you could draw extra cards, spawn new tokens, pump your creatures and more, all from sensible use of this one beautiful card.

We're losing not only the Primodox, but most of the cards that made the engine work:

I'm sure there'll be other engines that present themselves as we begin to play the drafts; there appear to be a number of lifegain-based cards in this set that might work well together. But I will miss the magic that me and the Primodox used to make.

Thus ends this series of posts regarding M13. See you next week, bros.

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