Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Many Hand Motions Would We Have....

... if DeShawn Stevenson were any good? The Washington Wizards outspoken shooting guard was in rare form during Sunday's Game 4 of the Wizard/Cavaliers playoff series, unleashing at three different hand gestures following rather routine baskets. The gestures, including Stevenson's trademark "I can't feel my face" where he waves his hand in front of his ugly mug, were often accompanied by yapping to anyone within earshot. One has to wonder how many additional hand gestures Stevenson would have used on Sunday had he made more than five shots.

Not only was Stevenson outplayed by Lebron James (and who isn't), but was also outshined by DC native Delonte West. West, to the surprise of many, utilized exactly zero hand gestures, facial ticks or interpretive dances, not even when knocking down the game winner with 5 seconds remaining. While Stevenson is no doubt impressed by his own 5-12 with 2 threes, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, the non-theatric West was 5-8 from three point land, hitting 3 of 5 in the last ten minutes. Thankfully for the Verizon Center cleaning staff it wasn't Stevenson hitting the game winner, otherwise his performance of Swan Lake may still be going on.

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