Thursday, April 24, 2008

National League Award Winners and Playoff Teams

NL MVP - Matt Holliday - Back to Back years winning the "Joe & Joe Sports MVP", but his first official MVP. Holiday established himself as the best hitter in the NL last year and will continue to bash in 2008. Sleeper - Carlos Lee

NL Cy Young - Johan Santana - Johan will benefit from not only moving to the lighter hitting NL, but he will also benefit from NL hitter that have never seen his nasty stuff. The explosive Mets lineup should also contribute to Santana's win total. Sleeper - Tim Lincecum (oh come on, who did you think I was going to say?)

NL Manager of the Year - Dusty Baker - Despite the slow start, the Reds should be in contention in the NL Central. Sleeper - Bob Melvin

NL Rookie of the Year - Johnny Cueto - The live-armed righty has already become a household name in fantasy circles, but should flirt with 200 strikes outs. Sleeper - Max Scherzer

NL Playoff Teams
New York Mets - Santana and a more consistent Reyes are enough to put the Mets into the post-season as the NL East champs.
Chicago Cubs - The most complete team in the NL Central.
Arizona Diamondbacks - Two dominant pitchers and a young core that has matured quickly make the Dbacks looks like the best in the west.
Philadelphia Phillies - Just too much offensive firepower to be denied, 30+ games against the Marlins and Nats won't hurt either.


GoodPointJoe said...

We suck, we picked the same playoff teams in the NL, and 3/4 the same in the AL. You know what happened, right? I got burned by the Rams and Steelers and now I'm picking chalk all the way.

Joe Mandi said...

Yeah, I didn't look at your list before posting mine. I'm always good for picking the favs.

And also, I swear I knew how to spell Matt Holliday's name, I swear.

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