Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top 5 Most Fun Green Cards in M13 Limited

Some of these aren't the best cards you can hope to open, and some of them are. But most decidedly, these are my favorite cards to play when I make a green deck in M13 Limited.

1. Thragtusk

This one is an easy choice of course. But the fun level is just undeniable. I mean two good sized creatures and 5 life all in 1 card? Yes please. Every time you play this card your opponent will immediately say "mother @#$%er", whether it is out loud or in his/her head. And don't get me started with how amazing this is when you have my number two most fun card...

2. Roaring Primadox

Now this is a card that you have to build around, but when you do it correctly, you end up playing some of the most fun MTG games ever. You want to gain two life and make your opponent lose two life every turn? Run this with Bloodhunter Bat. You want to draw an extra card every turn? Just ask The Elvish Visionary what's up. Wanna kill all of yor opponents land (with occasionally the odd artifact or enchantment)? Oh, hey Acidic Slime! I didn't see you there. I get chills just thinking about it.

3. Arbor Elf

Arbor Elf isn't very fun by itself, but it makes eveything in your deck that much better. Why is Duskdale Wurm not that great in Limited? Because 7 mana is not the easiest to come across without help. Enter Arbor Elf. Casting Centaur Courser on turn two or Sentinel Spider on turn four is pretty fun. And the more the merrier in my opinion. I've cast Duskdale Wurm on turn 5 and would love to break that record some day.

4. Rancor

Is there anyone in the world who does not love playing with Rancor? The answer is no. Not only is the card powerful as all get up, it is crazy fun to play with. All you need are the right (cheap) creatures, and tons of them. Perhaps a few ways to gain some card draw wouldn't be bad. I have yet to have Rancor in my opening hand and lose that game. Just wach out for instant speed removal and the dreaded...Unsummon.

5. Fungal Sprouting

Now remember, I said most "fun" cards to play with. On it's own it's not very good. Even with a bunch of 4/4 or 5/6 creatures it is not a high quality deck to play with. But is it fun? Hell yeah!! I don't draft these high but if one falls to me later on in a draft and I have some large creatures and a Titanic Growth or two, you can bet the house I will snap pick this over the other late going green cards in drafts. Making 7-9 1/1 creatures is not bad for a comined 6 mana. Also, chances are you killed an opponent's creature, or snuck in for some damage with your Titanic Growth infused Primal Huntbeast or Roaring Primadox prior to casting this baby.

Next, I will divulge my choice for the most fun Red cards. And soon enough, Return to Ravnica will be playing online, as well as IRL. Stay tuned for more lolz to come...


Nick Engle said...

Let me know what you think? Any omissions? Am I a moron? Screw you if that's what you think.

james said...

Your right it isnt bad for a comined 6 mana.

james said...

jk jk good stuff bro. but fungal sprouting does suck

Joe Mattingly said...

I think the problem people have with Sprouting is that it's too circumstantial. There are moments when it could be exceptional, but the scope of its use is very narrow. That makes it less "powerful," but, as Nick points out, perfectly fun.

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