Thursday, October 18, 2012

James' Top 5 Fun Blue Cards

Blue is the color most people that consider themselves "good" magic players choose as their favorite color. So basically it's the opposite of my favorite color. JKs bros. It's totally my fav. These are def in my top 10 cards played from the M13 era. For kicks each card will be accompanied by the worst card from the history of magic with the same mana cost and Power/Toughness. Boobs!

5. Fog Bank


This card is the start to any deck that annoys people. Which makes it awesome. The most I ever had in one deck was three. Needless to say, it was awesome. How many more awesomes can I type in this awesome paragraph?


(Worst Card With The Same Mana Cost and Same Power And Toughness)

Lolz Rare.

4. Mind Sculpt

So glad this card was in M13. It made the dream of the mill alive. Even though drafting a "normal" deck was probably better... we're all here to have fun right? Milling someone out for the win is like 2.34 times more fun than by damage. Needless to say I tried to accomplish this countless times, with it working a very countable number of times.


Stupid art to boot.

3. Unsummon

Pure miser card. Pure fun. Pure value. I heart this one deep.


Shame this card has AWESOME art. Because this instant has less than no use. I guess bring it in against those Bladetusk Boar decks so your Goblin Arsonist can chump? YEESH.

2. Redirect

This is a spell I like to savor. When their kill spell hits the stack, I wait. I look at Redirect, look at my 2 islands untapped and smile to myself. This will be awesome. BOOOOOOM. And this has the bonus of being a narrow enough card no one expects, so you'll sometimes get the "OMG you PLAY that card?" comments from the opponent. Those comments are my Ecstasy. Don't make those comments, people. You're just making guys like me smile.


Thank god they added that non-wall clause. TOOO MANY WALLSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! 

1. Archaeomancer

This was not close. Imagine for a second if the card read, "When Arch enters the battlefield, draw target awesome card," because that's basically what she does. I don't like many things, but the things I do like I like doing twice (sometimes in the same day if I'm home alone). What a beauty of a card. Here's praying for the reprint in M14!

Archaeomancer's WCWTSMCASPAT

Wow, a 4 mana 1/2 for green that gives my elves forestwalk? And I have to pay for that too? Sign me up!

Well what have we learned today? I'm an asshole-card-loving asshole. 

Later Brooooos. Take a shot.

GP James

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