Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Question of Taste

GP James here with a little bone to pick with RtR. Just a little bone, like the one in Joe's pants.

I'll speak up so you can hear. 


For example...

Azorius Charm

This is a dude holding something. Doing some crazy math and reading the card's title has led me to believe he's holding a charm. So when he decides to force an attacking creature right back to the bottom of your mind (top of deck), why can't he do it again next turn? Did he drop it? 

I offer this as a solution...BEHOLD.

Yeah, it's not that great. But to make those abilities repeatable has to come at a huge cost. 

We could have avoided this problem (and this article) all together if they just did this...BEHOLD.

Cool right? 

Take a shot. 

GPjames out.

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