Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wing T

While hanging out this weekend, Joe made a joke referring to the wing T offense, and I was the only person who laughed, and laughed heartily in fact. There's something particularly satisfying about getting a joke that not everyone can get. So the next time you're about to snicker at someone who made a joke involving Klingons, D20 dice, or HTML, remember how much fun you had throwing the "challenge flag" when you were drunk last Thanksgiving.

Edit: If you're interested, here's the Wikipedia article on the single wing formation, off of which the wing-T is based.


Anonymous said...

The Wing-T and Single Wing Offense are not the same thing, so I guess the joke is on you.

GoodPointJoe said...

Hi "anonymous."

The Wing-T formation is based on a single-wing concept, except that the ball is hiked directly to the quarterback who is under center, rather than the long snap or the old-school toss. I linked to the article on the single-wing because it was the fastest, easiest link I could find. But you're right, I should have been exhaustive in my search for relevant links to the topic.

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