Monday, July 28, 2008

A Meaningless Rock Band Post

So here's something that's completely useless: What songs should be added to the Rock Band downloadable content list? It's a discussion you can have with friends, but forwarding the results of that discussion to the folks at Harmonix is completely useless.

Fortunately, this a blog, where I can say whatever asinine shit I want, so here goes. What follows is my top ten songs that ought to be available for download for Rock Band (excluding Led Zeppelin, who apparently aren't yet interested in joining the fray...I guess the Beatles as well, but they don't have any songs that would make my list).

In no particular order:
  1. Steve Miller Band - Jungle Love
  2. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons (don't tell me a 24 minute song won't'll work)
  3. Finger Eleven - Paralyzer (I don't care, I like it)
  4. Cream - White Room
  5. Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
  6. Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart
  7. Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath
  8. INXS - Elegantly Wasted
  9. Scorpions - No One Like You
  10. Velvet Underground - Oh Sweet Nuthin'
Yeah, so what it's mostly classic & 80s rock? It's my goddamn list.

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