Friday, July 18, 2008

Richie Sexson? Are you serious?

Who's running the Yankees these days? Should we blame Hank or Cashman? As of this moment, I believe the deal is everything but done with Richie Sexson joining the Yankees lineup as early as this Saturday.

Out of all the players available to bolster an injured lineup, the Yankees chose Richie Sexson. The .218 batting average, .315 on-base percentage, .381 slugging percentage in 74 games this year Richie Sexson. Homeruns? Eleven, with a lovely 30 RBI. If you're looking for that crucial 9th spot in your lineup, sounds like you've found your guy.

Work has slowed down a little for me, so let me take a minute to point the Yankees in the right direction... Barry Bonds. Here's his stats from last year: 126 games, 28 HRs, 66 RBIs, .276 BA, .480 OBP, and .565 SLG. If the Yankees have any interest in scoring runs, they might want some base runners. Barry gets on base. At 42, he can still get it done. What? He hasn't played in half a season? Its great to know he's well rested and ready for work. At least bring the guy in for a work-out to see what he can do. If you want runs, you have to get players on base. This guy gets on base almost 50% of the time.

Maybe its because Bonds doesn't address the Yankees' need for a right-handed slugger to face left-handed pitching. HA... Richie Sexson... a slugger. This is, however, the only good thing I've read about Sexson all year. He's .344 BA with 5 HRs in 71 at-bats against lefties. In 2007, Bonds hit about .265 vs. LHP, but with 8 HRs in about 117 at-bats. Oh, but wait... ITS BARRY BONDS. He'll bolster the lineup PERIOD.

If Barry Bonds can still play, I can't think of a better fit. First, with an American League team. Then with a team with a bunch of pampered stars already. The media coverage might be tough, but he's going to get that regardless of where/if he lands.

Yankees, cut the crap with Sexson. You've got phone calls to make with Jeff Borris.

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