Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who Should The Rams Take With The #1 Overall Pick?

I decided to ask this question of anyone whose email address I could get my hands on. I now offer you their anonymous responses.

"Ndamukong Suh
The Rams have problems everywhere...everywhere. They aren't going to be a playoff team this year, next year or probably the year after that. Suh is the surest bet in the draft, can make an immediate impact and will probably still be around in 3 or 4 years when the Rams get out of their substantial hole...something that is 50-50 for quarterbacks. Names like JaMarcus Russell and Alex Smith should be ringing in the ears of St. Louis execs."
-Chevy Chase, MD

"Sam Bradford - They say his pro day workout was something like best seen since Aikman, and they ain't got no QB. Then again, some people say that McCoy would work better for their scheme, but since I don't know jack about their scheme: Bradford."
-Rockville, MD

"Tim Tebow, because he loves Jesus and circumcises babies."
-Rockville, MD

"I would trade down with the Redskins, get Haynesworth or Cambell from them and select Russell Okung, OT. I don't think any of the QBs are worthy of the first overall pick. I question Bradford's durability, and he played in a spread offense. I'd draft Suh if I had to stay at that pick, but would be hesitant since the last two drafts we went defense and neither of those picks panned out."
-Frederick, MD

"The Rams have to pick a QB. They are in a rebuilding stage and the best way to start that rebuild is with a QB. So that means they are going to select Bradford right? The experts would have you believe there is no other possible choice. So why hasn’t a contract been agreed to? Have there even been any contract talks between Bradford and the Rams? The Rams are going to select Jimmy Clausen. He has proven he can be successful behind a crappy o-line and an even worse defense. He has proven his durability and toughness by playing through injuries. The last thing the Rams would want is to take a QB number 1 and have that QB go out with another shoulder injury. And Clausen has played his whole career in a pro-style offense, not the spread like Bradford. Clausen is the pick. (I make no apologies for my bias opinion on all things Notre Dame football)."
-Rockville, MD

"First off, I acknowledge the importance of a quarterback. It's extremely rare that a single player at any other position takes their team to the playoffs; you're talking about Barry Sanders and Warren Sapp in those instances, a couple of all-time greats. But I'm going with Ndamukong Suh, and here's why. First, he's probably the safest bet for long-term production, with the potential to in fact be one of those amazing players who can put a team on their backs. More importantly, I don't know that Sam Bradford is the best quarterback in the draft, and I'd be loathe to take Bradford and have Jimmy Clausen blossom into a top-tier signal-caller. Suh saves me from that possibility."
-Rockville, MD

We're minutes away now. Best of luck to all the draftees...except anybody drafted by the Giants, Bears, Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles, Patriots, and, we'll say, the Chiefs.

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