Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Who is this person people are calling Tiger Woods? This is not the Tiger I enjoyed watching strike fear into the hearts of every golfer with the misfortune of being paired with him. I understand this is a different time in Tiger's life. He is trying to rebuild his image, if only for the sponsors.

But I find myself growing tiresome of his, "I didn't like the person I had become" attitude. Grow some balls. Learn from Sir Charles Barkley. He doesn't apologize for his compulsive gambling habit, his multiple DUIs, or his outspoken nature. This is who he is. He came out and said, "I don't believe professional athletes should be role models, parents should be." So why such an outcry for an apology from Tiger Woods? He hasn't broken any laws; in fact, you might argue he was a victim of domestic violence.

With each public apology, my opinion of him erodes. I understand the need for the first public explanation of the events. I can even understand the interviews he had with selected members of the media, but was his press conference at the Masters this past Monday really necessary? If this were the old Tiger he would have answered every question about his personal life with "I have already addressed that" and would have moved on. But this "new and improved," in-treatment Tiger still feels the need to ingratiate himself with the public. He reeks of weakness. It makes me have less respect for him as a golfer.

I'm not a Tiger fan because of what he does with his private life. I am a fan because he is a magician on the golf course. I find that magic fading with every sad, pathetic look he gives to the camera. I can only hope this is temporary, and he'll soon get back to making his opponents shake like a junkie needing a fix.

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