Friday, April 9, 2010

An Admission

I think I'm probably in the minority among Capitals fans when I say this, but I can't help it. My fanship of any team has always been deeply rooted in terror, so here goes:

I hope Washington doesn't have to play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs.

Despite sweeping the Penguins in the regular season, I still feel like the Capitals would face an unfavorable matchup if pitted against the Penguins. Sidney Crosby is obviously an elite talent, and he seems to play big in big games. Additionally, while Pittsburgh was hotter going into the playoffs in 2009 than they are this year, they've got much of the same personnel, including, most importantly, Marc-Andre Fleury, who was absolutely fantastic in the playoffs last season.

Do I think the Caps can beat the Penguins? Of course I do. They've already taken four out of four games thus far this season. And I know that the Caps will have to face off against at least one other opponent before a possible matchup against Pittsburgh. And, while I'm no hockey expert, I know the Capitals this year are arguably the best team in hockey. I'm just saying that, as a fan, I'm generally panicked about my favorite team's ability to succeed. And with Pittsburgh being last year's villain, I'm going to be worried about them until they're gone.

I'm looking at you, Ottawa.

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