Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Before

First and foremost, yes, my colleague was correct when he called me out. Joe and Joe Sports isn't going anywhere; I will not be joining Yahoo's crack team of fantasy analysts...and Funston and Buser. I do have the utmost respect for Andy Behrens and his work, though, and I stand by my recommendation that you check out his stuff.

But today is more important than just the day after April Fool's day. It's the Friday before the beginning of the baseball (and fantasy baseball) season. I'm in three leagues this year (so far), one of which drafts on Saturday night (and I'm pushing for it to get changed to an auction draft; come on, Tony!).

The weekend before Opening Day is a great time. Every team has the ability to compete for a title, every team has the potential to win big or lose huge. All of your draft strategies and shrewd moves are still alive, could still pan out. In fact, April might be the most disappointing month of the fantasy baseball season, because that's when you start to realize that you overestimated this guy, or you were foolish to doubt that guy. Owners often over-emphasize happenings in April because that's when everyone is paying attention.

Is this where I tell you to stay the course? Have faith in your draft? Trust your instincts? No. Those instincts led me to ignore guys like Cliff Lee and Carlos Quentin. Make sure you're willing to adjust on the fly. Granted, you don't want to abandon all of your pre-season thought processes, but make sure that you don't allow yourself to be blinded by predisposition.

If you do, all those exciting "could be's" will turn into "might've been's."

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