Monday, July 8, 2024

One Good Point

So far this year I've been watching a lot more movies than I normally do. I have this massive list of movies I've been aiming to see for years, and with assorted inspiration, I've finally started to tackle that list.

In the spirit of getting myself to write more, I'm going to write tiny little "articles" about these movies that I watch. The premise I'm working under is "One Good Point," as in, my goal is to just try to say one meaningful thing in my mini-review, and then post it. I have a habit of agonizing over articles, watching them grow and grow until I've written six pages on Brett Saberhagen. And I mean, I like doing that too, but this can be a small thing. That's how we build skills, right? We practice.

So! Coming up soon (hopefully), a flurry of small articles about the many movies (and a few shows) I've watched this year.

I'll still do my end-of-year rankings; I'm a man love who loves a Top 5 list, and you couldn't stop me from doing that. See you soon!

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