Thursday, July 11, 2024

One Good Point - Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

 As was the case with my movie-watching experience, I'm immediately following up the second Fantastic Beasts movie with the third one. All of my information was fresh going into the third one, though it did take a moment to get used to Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald. He does a great job though, and while his portrayal is a bit different from Johnny Depp's, that's not where this movie falters.

Where this movie falters is in kind of basic storytelling lol. It's more complete than Crimes of Grindelwald, as it does have a definitive ending, and answers most of the questions you have lingering from the first two movies. But there are frankly too many instances where some problem gets overcome by "magic" or "beasts." And look, I get that that's the whole point of the series, right? It's a fantasy story, there's going to be some fantasy to it. It just feels like this movie comes up short when it comes to incorporating that human element that the original series was able to deploy so effectively.

I'm not mad at the effort, though. I think the world of Harry Potter has some room to tell interesting stories, and I'm always open to renewing compelling IP; I'll watch every live action Star Wars thing they come out with until the day I die. I wish this movie series was better, but chances are I'll tune in again when the next one comes out...eventually.

I thought about finishing this post with a ranking of every Harry Potter movie, as I do love lists. But I haven't watched a lot of those movies in a while, and we're in a "look forward" mode here. Eventually someday though, sure, I'll rewatch them all and put together a list.

I fucking love ranked lists.

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