Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 19

Hey guys, sorry for the lull in posts. I've been doing a lot of household stuff, and I'll be honest, I'd just forgotten about the spoilers. As my way of apologizing, I'm going to put a flood of cards in this post. Here goes.

Honestly, I don't feel like I nailed many of the red cards in the set. These are alright, but if we're talking about pack 1, pick 1 cards, I don't think so. Maybe if limited ended up being a slow go in the set, I could see Combustible Elements being an option, since you could get some damage done and/or some card advantage, but it's not a "wow" card.

This is another example of a couple of cards that evolved several times before I got the card that exists today. I actually like the way it's set up now; it's the kind of card advantage that white can reasonably get, and it plays on the equipment theme of the set. It's also not shockingly valuable, so I don't feel like I ruined the set with it.

I used the two Sniper Joe creatures to fill in empty slots in my design skeleton. They're not necessarily flavorful, they're just what we've got. The Sniper Armor, however, is overflowing with flavor. I'm not going to explain everything about it to you; if you really don't understand it, go play Mega Man 2.

This card is my twist on Necrotic Plague. It's probably not quite as good as NP, though it does technically get through hexproof. But it's interesting, and it endures until destroyed, unlike NP, which can be stifled by hexproofing or simply a lack of creatures on one side. And the card is certainly deep black.

Not exciting, just the standard green graveyard retrieval card. Moving on.

Speaking of unexciting cards...

Another pretty standard card, slightly worse than Divine Verdict, but it fits. And I'm pleased with my flavor text, though it's not as good as the text on the Divine Verdict version I linked.

We'll wrap it up with one of the first cards I made, though not in its exact original form. It was actually the picture that I took before anything else. It's one of those frames where Mega Man had just been injured and held temporary invincibility as he flickered. The screenshot I took left him invisible, and the two Petit Croakers facing opposite directions made it perfect. The card may be pretty run-of-the-mill, but it's a memory for me.

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