Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 18

We're about halfway through the spoilers for this set, but we've hit a lot of the crucial parts, so we've probably got fewer than 18 more posts to go before we're finished. That is, probably most of these ones coming up will have a few more cards in them, with a little less explanation being necessary.

Anyways, today's spoilers will focus on tokens. There are a few token-generating creatures, as well as token-creating cards. Also there are tokens. Have a look.

The Tackle Fire tokens used to have haste, but that would've been forcing them into a goblin-ey niche in which they didn't really belong, flavorfully. It's similar to Captain's Call, but with the bonus Prototype ability. Considering Molten Birth is a high pick in limited, I'd expect the same out of Flame Spawning.

I thought about making Telly Tunnel an artifact, but the truth is I really needed some black creatures. You can probably guess that, since Telly Duo is a thing I just made up. Black needed a lifelink creature, and I had the image ready, so I got creative. Pretty straightforward cards here.

Air Tikki is another card I'd be interested to watch as far as its limited appeal. Indestructibility is always good, and a flying indestructible 1/2 is almost always going to be a defender anyways. The token creation makes it even more effective as a defender. That said, it's expensive, and it takes some time to generate more than a couple tokens. So I don't know. I'm happy with it though.

I like how the flavor of Croaker worked out. If you know the game, you know that he spits out three little frogs, but can't spit any more frogs until those three have been destroyed. I think it'd be an interesting card to play.

Blue always gets some kind of sea monster, and Lantern Fish is the biggest underwater guy in the game, so he gets the call. Making 2/2 tokens is a damn strong ability, so I'm comfortable with his prohibitive price. Depending on how fast the set runs (which I haven't been able to test), it could be perfectly reasonable to count on Lantern Fish to win games for you. Lord knows M14 runs plenty slow.

I played with a few different ideas on which tokens Overwhelming Force would drop. In the end, I like this composition. It gives you an 0/1 meat shield, a 1/1 mini guy, and a 2/2. It's not exceptional, but it's a common; it's not supposed to be. Also, the 0/1s were supposed to be spoiled when I posted Wood Man, I just forgot.