Monday, March 3, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 9

This will be a fairly short list of spoilers, but once again will feature cards with a common link. This time, they're the special items you get in Mega Man 2 after defeating certain bosses, plus a bonus card that's related to them.

These three items needed to be minimally costed and with limited usefulness. The criteria for common level equipment in Magic tends to be pretty strict, so I tried my best to make them both interesting and reasonable. This one is alright, I think. It's definitely got a place in limited, though probably not as an early pick. But I could see certain decks wanting to round out their playables with this guy. Adding flying can be a very useful effect, even if you have to pay for it every turn. And the bonus power isn't nothing either.

Speaking of flying being useful. It's simple and straightforward (and flavorful, I think). Item 2 would probably be less exciting than Item 1, but again, still playable.

So, we're 3/3 on being useful but not exciting, I think. Item 3 helps you defend against flying creatures, but the lack of additional power makes it pretty limited in its usefulness. But an extra toughness, plus the fact that you don't have to pay each turn to activate the reach ability, means that someone, somewhere will play this card. Just like someone, somewhere will play Dismiss Into Dream and ruin my night in an M14 draft. Ugh, no more 8-4s for me. I belong in Swiss.

As you would know if you've played Mega Man 2, every time you get one of the three items above, it's announced by a small cutscene, which you can see a portion of above. I could've stuck with the flavor and only made it apply to equipment cards, but I wanted the card to be more useful than that. Your deck would have to be so unbelievably equipment heavy in that circumstance that the card wouldn't be interesting, and it probably also wouldn't be a rare.

Anywho, this card feels fun and interesting. I'd love using it in a mono-blue deck; you could potentially get some real work done with it, and even if not, it's a single card draw. It might actually be undercosted for its effect, but I like the idea of rewarding players who commit to a color.

That's it for this post, short and sweet. It was an exhausting weekend, physically and emotionally, and this was the best I could put together for you. I hope to give you more content on Wednesday or Thursday, hopefully with a few more cards and a bit more discussion. See you next time.

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