Monday, March 17, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 13

Lucky number 13 on the spoiler roll. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to offer except more cards, but hopefully that's enough for you.

Today's post is a cycle. It was a cycle that took a long time to develop and get the wording right, and they might yet be broken cards. But here goes.


So, the flavor of the cards should be pretty obvious. The idea is that you're running down the antechamber, and you're about to face off against a robot boss. Because you know the battle is coming, you can prepare a little. Initially I had it so you could pick an opponent's creature to be forced to block, but that felt very un-blue and un-black, so I decided to make it a little more simple. Also, they were initially enchantments, but in thinking about the cards, the enchantments seemed like they would make the game very un-fun. A single turn seemed more appropriate.

Additionally, the "no more than one" is intended to play along with the Prototype mechanic. You only have one creature anyways, so the antechamber is a fine option. I don't think any of the cards would end up being high picks in a draft; sorceries have to be pretty strong to be early picks, and none of these are particularly strong. But I could see them working in a few decks. My instinctual ranking of them would be: Red, White, Blue, Green, Black. First strike is a great effect for combat, lifelink is too. Flying and trample are forms of evasion, and then there's deathtouch. Only really useful if you have a cheap but high power attacker and your opponent only has powerful creatures available to block. But hey, some cards have to be worse.

That's it for this spoiler, but here's the good news: this week, we'll have three posts instead of two. So check back in on Wednesday.

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