Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Year Anniversary Show!

That's right, bros. Almost one year ago, the Good Point Bros started streaming terrible Magic and solid jokes, and it's time to celebrate! On September 6th, we'll be streaming our Anniversary show on our Twitch channel, and we hope you can all make it. We're kicking around a few ideas for the show, but rest assured we'll provide all the fun that you normally expect out of the Good Point Bros.

Yes, that includes WWYD, Decent Point Bro, relax.

But more importantly, it will include multiple Magic drafts, multiple giveaways, and the same old witty banter between the three bros you've come to know and love. So get your popcorn, make sure you're stocked up on bourbon, and tell your friends. The Bros are throwing down on September 6th. And the gods only know what happens after that.

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