Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mock Draft Season

'Tis the season for mock drafts a-plenty. Fantasy baseball is fast approaching, and it's time to start getting a sense for where guys are getting drafted. While mock drafts won't tell you for sure where a guy will go in your draft, they can give you an idea of a window during which he might go.

When I do mock drafts, I try not to take any guys from my keeper fantasy team, because those are the players I want to learn about the most. This draft, however, I ended up taking a couple from my team. My first pick, Jimmy Rollins, was an auto-selection, as I was a few minutes late to the draft. Then, much later, I ended up taking Cameron Maybin, mostly because I didn't know who to take and I panicked. And yes, my team's name is Thunderchicken. It was assigned to me randomly, and I've embraced it as my own.

Below is the link for the mock draft in its entirety. Feel free to offer any opinions you've got on how things went down. Personally, I would've definitely taken Ryan Braun over Rollins at my first pick.

Mock Draft #1

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