Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Wildcard Weekend! (part 2)

I was going to call it "part deux," but then I remembered I'm not a tool.

Baltimore Ravens (11-5) at Miami Dolphins (11-5)

Full disclosure here, I absolutely hate the Ravens. Most of it is probably because Chip likes them so much, but some of it comes from a natural disdain for a foreign invader of the Washington Redskins' territory. "You don't belong here," "This seat's taken," that sort of thing, except less racist.

Anyways, to the game. Baltimore's got a rookie quarterback and a fantastic defense. Miami's got an experienced, efficient quarterback and a solid, if unspectacular, defense. Usually my picks lean heavily on quarterbacks and defenses, so this is a tight call. Miami just seems to belong here less, after the debacle last season. I'm rooting like crazy for the Dolphins, but my heart tells me to prepare for the worst.

Prediction: Ravens 23, Dolphins 17

Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1) at Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

One game features one of my least favorite teams, the other features my second favorite squad in the Vikings. It's virtually impossible for me to look at this game objectively, but I'll try to at least give some valid points. The Eagles' defense has been ridiculous, leading the NFC in points allowed, total yards allowed, and passing yards allowed. And Donovan McNabb seems to be hitting stride at the right time of year, not an altogether uncommon occurrence.

The Vikings are one of the better home teams at 6-2, their only home losses coming against the two playoff losers from Saturday, Indianapolis and Atlanta. Adrian Peterson is a monster, but he can't win the game alone, and I don't see him getting help anywhere else on this offense. The defense is strong against the run, which the Eagles do like twice a game. Even though I hate going with the crowds, I can't seem to talk myself out of this one.

Prediction: Eagles 31, Vikings 13

Playoff predictions to date (winners only): 1-1

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