Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I'm always open to new TV shows. I gave Carpoolers a shot. I even watched all six episodes of Cavemen. But sometimes I find out about a show that's simply fantastic.

Enter It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The pilot was filmed by the three main characters on a camcorder, which is just awesome, but more awesome is that the show is actually hilarious. It's depraved and inappropriate, but if that doesn't bother you, this is your kind of show. I'd compare the humor from the show to that of stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh; it's off-the-wall and irreverent, and makes fun of everybody. The show airs on FX every Thursday night, and the episodes get posted on Hulu 8 days after they air.

Here's the link for the show's main page on Hulu, which has links to most of the show's episodes (a few are missing from season 3). I'll post the direct links for new episodes as they come out.



Chip said...

No comment about how "Seinfeld-ish" it is? Maybe you don't feel that way. To me, its another show about nothing. They follow the Seinfeld recipe and everything. They just take it way over the line (which makes me enjoy it that much more).

Joe Mattingly said...

I don't think it'll never have the wide-reaching appeal that Seinfeld had, it's far too offensive. I'd say it's ceiling would be something like South Park.

And I feel like calling it a "show about nothing" is kind of useless. Sitcoms these days are basically split 50/50: half of them don't have imposing, week-to-week story stuff, and half of them do. I don't think Always Sunny is any more "about nothing" than 30 Rock, South Park, or even Cheers back in the day. Some shows, like Friends or The Office, embrace the week-to-week storyline stuff, some don't.

But if you want to say Always Sunny is like Seinfeld in that they're both funny as shit, I can get behind that.

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