Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baltimore Orioles New Jerseys

Not sure there are many people out there that still follow the Birds. Either way, I caught word a couple weeks ago that they were planning to change their logos. Well, it was a lot more than that.

A few minor changes to the team's bird logo has taken place (found on the hat). They say its in more of an "active" position. Its leaning down a little more, the white from the chest as been removed, its looks a little more stout, and its legs/claws are curved. I guess that's the best way to describe it all. Its all pretty minor, though I did not think we needed to tweak it.

On the sleeves of the new uniforms (home and road), the logos have changed. On the right sleeve of the road jersey, there is they typical "Orioles" script in orange, basically matching the home front of the jersey. The home jersey right sleeve does not have a logo that I could tell. On the left sleeve of both jerseys is a new logo. Its a circular logo with an orange circle around the outside. This aspect reminds me of one of the old logos with the orange circle, white lettering in the orange circle and the Oriole Bird swinging his bat.
The big changes here is that the text in the orange circle says "Orioles Baseball" instead of "Baltimore Orioles." Inside the circle, the new logo has the Maryland flag. At first, there was nothing really exciting about the logo. Its slowly growing on me.

The biggest and most exciting change is the re-emerging of "Baltimore" across the road jerseys. This has been a long awaited change. The last time the team had that look was 1972, coincidentally a year after the Senators left Washington DC. Its in the same script as "Orioles" on the home jersey and I really like it a lot.

I know there were reasons for not putting "Baltimore" on the road jerseys... mostly financial. Money talks, as they say. However, I'm glad its finally come back. Its another positive aspect to having the Nationals move to DC. Hopefully the new jerseys will remind the owner and team of the Orioles once-prominent history.

Here's a link to the Baltimore Sun's slideshow of the revealing of the new jerseys. Take a peek. What do you think?

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