Thursday, March 13, 2008

Middle Earth Draft Analysis - Round 6

Round 6
61. Mercer AutoWreckers - Todd Jones, RP, Tigers
62. Vandelay Industries - Dan Uggla, 2B, Marlins
63. Dunedain Rangers - Jeremy Bonderman, SP, Tigers
64. Those Guys - Kevin Gregg, RP, Marlins
65. The Usual Suspects - Tim Hudson, SP, Braves
66. The Usual Suspects (from Howard's Heroes) - Kelvim Escobar, SP, Angels
67. Cleveland Enforcers - Andruw Jones, OF, Dodgers
68. DamKnights - Jeremy Hermida, OF, Marlins
69. Feisty Mosquitos - Hank Blalock, 3B, Rangers
70. Akron Pronks - Brad Penny, SP, Dodgers
71. Stewies SexyParties - Willy Tavares, OF, Rockies
72. Cleveland Enforcers (from Riders of Rohan) - Randy Johnson, SP, Diamondbacks

Best Pick(s) - Dan Uggla, he should've been taken by about seven other teams by this point. Vandelay got a steal. Brad Penny was good value.

Worst Pick(s) - No real bad picks this round. I'd have let Escobar slide another round or two, but it's not a bad pick.

Riders' Pick(s) - No picks again. Don't worry, they're coming.

Overall Analysis - Because so many people opted to take a chance on young players early in the draft, a number of reliable options fell a bit farther than they ought to have. The result is a lot of good, conservative selections this round. Everybody's team got better (except mine and Howard's Heroes, who didn't have picks).

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