Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Middle Earth Draft Analysis - Round 5

Round 5
49. Riders of Rohan (from Mercer AutoWreckers via The Usual Suspects) - Joakim Soria, RP, Royals
50. Vandelay Industries - Adam Wainwright, SP, Cardinals
51. Dunedain Rangers - Kosuke Fukudome, OF, Cubs
52. Those Guys - Placido Polanco, 2B, Tigers
53. Riders of Rohan (from The Usual Suspects) - Jason Isringhousen, RP, Cardinals
54. The Usual Suspects (from Howard's Heroes) - Rich Harden, SP, Athletics
55. Riders of Rohan (from Cleveland Enforcers) - Chien-Ming Wang, SP, Yankees
56. DamKnights - Todd Helton, 1B, Rockies
57. Feisty Mosquitos - Kenji Johjima, C, Mariners
58. Akron Pronks - Chad Cordero, RP, Nationals
59. Cleveland Enforcers (from Stewies SexyParties) - Carlos Marmol, RP, Cubs
60. Riders of Rohan - Michael Bourn, OF, Astros

Best Pick(s) - Polanco should put up very nice runs and batting average, and won't really hurt you anywhere else.

Worst Pick(s) - Rich Harden hasn't had a full season of pitching in three years, and has disappointed multiple teams in our league, including the Suspects themselves. I'm surprised that they'd take a chance on him again this early, with more proven commodities out there like Brad Penny and Tim Hudson.

Riders' Pick(s) - Everything came to a head for me in this round. I love Soria, and Isringhousen seemed to be the best bet to hold the job among remaining closers. Wang will pick up wins with fine peripherals, but he won't strike anybody out. I know that. Bourn is less of a risk for me, as I'm not actually counting on him to fill statistics for me. I think he'll produce well, either becoming trade bait or allowing me to trade someone else and move him in.

Overall Analysis - More closers flying off the board, and we're getting down to the nitty gritty. Teams who haven't filled at least two RP spots are starting to sweat. Polanco, Wang, Helton, and Johjima are four of the most reliable producers in fantasy baseball, a perfect complement to the speculative picks of Marmol, Wainwright, Harden, and Bourn.

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