Monday, April 23, 2007

Power Outage

Patience is a virtue.

After starting off on fire, my fantasy baseball team's power numbers have dwindled down to near-nothingness. Rollins added another dinger tonight, but Sizemore and Dunn have been silent for a week now. Sizemore I get; Dunn, I do not. It's not like I expected to lead the fantasy league in homers, but my blood-homer level is getting low.

See, here's the problem. Coming into this season, pre-draft, I had no bones about finishing in the bottom half again, not worrying about the standings and focusing on assembling the building blocks for a run in 2008. But then a funny thing happened: I came out of the gates on fire, and have been in first place since day 3 of the season. How do you sit in first place for three and not want to do what you can to stay there?

I expect that I'll be able to stay level-headed enough to not trade away my future studs for short-term solutions. But the longer I'm in first, the more real the temptation becomes. We'll see.


GoodPointJoe said...

Of course Prince Fielder goes yard twice after I post, just to make me look like a jackass. Thanks a lot.

No really, thanks. I could use the home runs.

Mike Mattingly said...

The Riders of Rohan would go on to win the league by 4.5 points while leading the league in homeruns. Joe needn't have been concerned with Adam Dunn's homerun total as he would go on to hit 40 homeruns - obviously. But of course there were some bumps along the way. We'll look into these and more in:

Anything but a Smooth Ride: The 2007 Riders of Rohan

GoodPointJoe said...

I think I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait for the release of that book.

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