Monday, April 23, 2007

FIFA 2006

I've played FIFA '07. I've watched it played. I appreciate that the graphics are very impressive. It's got a lot of nice features, and I'm sure it's enjoyable for those who've decided to make the switch, or for whom the 2007 version is their first soccer game.

But for me, it comes up short in enough key areas to prevent me from spending the money to get the new version. The manager mode offers far fewer teams and leagues to choose from, when part of the fun of '06 was being able to join all sorts of obscure leagues and bring the very worst teams to international dominance. Since when is it a good idea to reduce the complexity of a game in its next iteration? Also in the manager mode, the roster limitations aren't designated graphically. So when you're deciding whether to pursue someone in the transfer market or putting a player out there for transfer, you are held to some obscure number of required active players (which by the way seems to change depending on your league), not represented anywhere in the game that I can find. Thanks a lot, EA.

So you can take your FIFA '07. I'm riding '06 into the grave, me and 1 FC Saarbrucken. Me and Hadji and El Idrissi.

Chip, you were right the whole time. FIFA '06! FIFA '06! FIFA '06!


Chip said...

Excellent review. FIFA 06, which I own, praised, and forced onto my friends, seems to be superior to FIFA 07 in all aspects except graphics. However, I have only read reviews and played the PC demo of FIFA 07, so my opinion only goes so far.

Here's my question... which platform did you experience FIFA 07 on? The Xbox 360 version is different than the Xbox version. I've never played the Xbox version and it could easily be a lot similar to Xbox's FIFA 06.

Regardless, FIFA 06 still reigns supreme in my book.

Joe Mattingly said...

I played the Xbox 360 version of FIFA '07, my brother bought it. He seemed to enjoy it, but he wasn't indoctrinated with the beauty that is FIFA '06.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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