Monday, November 4, 2019

The Biggest Project Ever

I have a new idea, something to get me thinking more, listening to more music, and making blog posts more frequently, though with not probably a ton of writing.

The idea is to make a list of my top 500 favorite songs.

"But Joe, why would that involve a bunch of blog posts?" Good question. I'm not going to do like all the websites do these days, make you click through 500 times to see each individual song in a ranked list. That's annoying as hell.

No, my idea is to create the list organically as I make blog posts. So, the idea is to segment out categories of music. For example, a blog post might be Top 4 Weezer Songs or Top 31 Dave Matthews Band songs (yeah, there could definitely be that many in my top 500). So, I'd post those songs, and then update an as-yet-uncreated sidebar, mixing those songs into the running list.

You'll get the hang of it when you start to see it in action.

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