Monday, February 24, 2014

Mega Man Magic - Spoiler 7

You've already seen the ultimate boss from the original Mega Man. Now I'm going to fill in the gaps by showing you the other Wily bosses from the first game. Because I'm a sucker for flavor, we'll take them in the order that they appear in the game.

When playing Mega Man, Yellow Devil is where probably 99% of players give up, throw the controller, and never play again. He's freaking insanely tough, so obviously, his Magic card counterpart has to be equally frustrating to play against. I think I've managed to capture both the function and essence of Yellow Devil in this card.

The rules are a little shaky for me, as far as whether or not what I've created actually works, but assuming it does, Yellow Devil is one of the most exciting cards I made. He can swing immediately like a Ball Lightning, dealing quick damage (though at a premium mana cost). But the real value is his additional effect. As you may know (if not click here to watch), during your battle with Yellow Devil, he disassembles, flies across the screen in pieces, and reassembles. I tried to capture that flavor with the [exile --> return] mechanism.

This also means that he's immune to most removal; anything cast at sorcery speed is irrelevant. Pacifism? Get lost. Prey Upon? Nope. He obviously can't block since he's only on the battlefield during your turn, but the upside is pretty exceptional.

By the way, this is the card that I mentioned would potentially combo well with  Mass Shutdown. Of course, you'd have to be able to cast triple white along with blue-red, but in theory, it'd be a coup.

I've read a couple of different names for this enemy, but the one I saw more than the others was Copy Robot, so that's what I latched onto. This is the one card I posted on Reddit for help (at r/custommagic). After a few rounds of review, I came up with this card. The idea, from the actual battle, is that any form your offense takes, Copy Robot can take the same form. It also adapts to defend itself from any new threats. Protection is a funky thing, and I imagine in practice this card would be a handful, but from a fun, design standpoint, I'm happy with it.

I also want to point out that, while most Wily bosses are mythics, this is a regular rare. Something about it just didn't feel "mythic" enough.

A 3/3 for four colorless mana is already pretty good, but this beast is a bit more than pretty good. In the game, you battle seven progressively faster models of CWU-01P. I didn't want to try to work with two different kinds of counters on the same creature as a necessity (if it happens through multiple cards, it happens), so rather than playing with +1/+1 counters, I decided to just give it seven "lives." This guy puts opponents into sticky situations. Having hexproof and indestructible on call is pretty insane.

He's not totally unstoppable; if you manage to drop removal while your opponent is tapped out, or while this creature has summoning sickness, he's just another creature. But if CWU-01P gets're in trouble.

That's it for Mega Man 1. There were only three bosses before you faced off against the Wily Machine (spoiled last time). And you didn't get a bonus boss like in Mega Man 2.

Look for the next spoiler later this week. Next one's gonna be a biggun'.

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