Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mega Man Magic Set

As some of you may know, and probably more of you may not, I've been working on a custom Magic set for the past 18+ months. The original plan for the set was to make a for-fun Magic set using Mega Man 2 art and concepts. As time went on, though, I became more interested in what actually goes into crafting a full-size Magic set: the types of cards that are in every set, the distribution of rarities, colors, artifacts, and card types throughout the set became something my friends and I talked about at length. Many times I spent over an hour on one card, trying to get the name or art or effect right, only to scrap it and start anew when I came back to it a week later. It was at times informative, frustrating, and depressing.

And I loved it.

Make no mistake, I'm hooked on making Magic cards. I'm hooked on flavor text and color identities and what's "allowed" on various rarities of cards. I'm just hooked. And while I don't anticipate ever being able to manifest this newfound passion into something that, you know, makes money, I do hope to share it with those of you who find it interesting, and build my new hobby from there.

In the coming weeks (hopefully I'll be done in weeks, and not months), I'm going to "spoil" the set, just as real Magic sets get spoiled. I'll share a couple of premium cards, then more and more over time until the whole set is completely available to view online. Throughout the process I'll welcome your input and feedback, though I won't be changing any of these cards (other than to fix broken wordings). Even if the balance isn't right, or a card is well and truly busted, this is the set I'm finished with. I'll take any lessons and apply them to whatever next set I decide to make. This one is done.

Look for my first "spoiler" post Friday morning.

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