Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Redskins Report Card - Week 7 vs. Chicago Bears

Redskins 17, Bears 14

I feel dirty.

Offense: C

It seems like the Redskins are going backwards when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness on offense. Rather than moving towards crisp passing plays, the team is dropping passes, Donovan McNabb is still throwing balls into the ground, and the offensive line is still inconsistent.

Meanwhile, it looks like Ryan Torain is proving why he drew the affection of Mike Shanahan for all these years. He's a hard runner who, while he'll never break one for 60 yards, looks like he can get hard yards, which is one of the most valuable things for a running back in the NFL. Chris Johnson is obviously great, but there are circumstances in which I'd rather have Marion Barber. I like that "the All-Torain Vehicle" is on Washington.

But two interceptions and SIX FUMBLES (only one lost) don't bode well for the future. You can't put the ball on the turf that frequently and expect to win football games.

Defense: B??

This was the hardest defensive game to grade since I started the Redskins Report Card. They held the Bears to 66 yards rushing...but gave up 4.1 yards per carry. They intercepted Jay Cutler four times (all by DeAngelo Hall)...but allowed four drives of 59 yards or more. This hasn't historically been a "big play defense," so I worry that these were just fortunate circumstances, but hey, who knows. Maybe Jim Haslett has transformed the defense, but it's still got a long way before they can be counted on to win games.

Overall: W

Really, the only grade I can give this team for Sunday's game is a win. They won the game, inexplicably, and that's great, but other than that, I don't think you can take away any information going forward. Most wide receivers aren't going to bail on their routes like Johnny Knox did. Most teams aren't going to ignore a fairly productive running game in a close ballgame. And it's pretty rare that you'll have a pick six by the other team negated by a delay of game penalty.

But our boys are 4-3, and that ain't bad.

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