Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Redskins Report Card - Week 4 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Redskins 17, Eagles 12

We all knew Donovan McNabb's return to Philadelphia was going to be a game to watch. We knew it'd be hotly contested, and we knew it would be emotional for the fans and the players. We didn't know if the Redskins could win the game, and it was nice to find out that, yes, in fact, they could.

Offense: C+

The story after the game was about how McNabb went into Philadelphia and beat his old team, but that's not really what happened. Clinton Portis and Ryan Torain combined for 125 yards on 29 carries, and as a team the Redskins averaged 4.8 yards per rush. That was the story for the offense, the sudden emergence of a running game.

McNabb wasn't awful, but he wasn't very good either. He completed just eight passes all game for 125 yards, with a touchdown and an interception. The most you can say about the Redskins' offense is that they were much more effective on third down this game than they have been all season, converting five of eleven chances. But overall, not an exciting performance.

Defense: B

Alright, honestly, this was probably destined to be an Eagles win, and a C- rating for the Redskins' defense. But late in the first quarter, when two Redskins defenders sandwiched Michael Vick and put him out of the game, they created an opportunity for success, and they took advantage of Kevin Kolb's inability to get the ball down the field.

Most importantly, they stifled drives when the team really needed stops. Though they gave up 353 total yards, they held a still potent Eagles' offense to only twelve points. DeSean Jackson had just three catches for 19 yards, possibly offering a blueprint for containing his big play ability by jamming him hard at the line. LeSean McCoy was by far the Eagles most effective player, but when Kolb zeroed in on him later in the game, the Redskins were up to the task.

Special Teams: N/A

Talking about special teams is boring. I'm not going to do it anymore.

Overall: B-

Listen, this wasn't a game where the Redskins overmatched their opponents. They fought tooth and nail, they played physical football, and they got a couple of crucial big plays. It was nice to come out with a win, and to be 2-2 at this point, especially after the debacle in St. Louis last week, is completely acceptable. Green Bay next week could make things look a lot bleaker going forward, though.

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