Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Thoughts Through The First Two Innings of Stephen Strasburg's First Major League Start

  • The kid's got heat. He's been 96+ on every fastball so far, and he tickled 99 once.
  • The ump is calling high strikes, not giving low ones.
  • Jeff Karstens is not an attractive man.
  • Rob Dibble is the worst.


plundoctor said...

A few more, from the middle innings.

1. The Pirates lineup is abysmal, they may have 3 players that would start on any other team.
2. Karstens is a total waste.
3. Strasburg just threw his 88th pitch, completing his 5th straight K... and there's 13 in row
4. He is almost guaranteed this win, the Pirates can't score 4 runs in a game.

plundoctor said...

The huge joke all over western PA today was former Nat's OF and 5-tool bust Lastings Milledge, when asked about Strasburg vs the Pirates, he stated and seemingly believed that ``he’s got nine tough guys to get out.’’

They sure backed that up... every starter struck out. Kudos.

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