Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 World Cup Brackets/Pools/Picks

Have you read over my previews? Think you'll do a better job picking who comes out of the group stage and who makes it through the knock-out round?

I've created a group on ESPN Soccernet's Bracket Predictor, which is a simple/quick predictor. You pick the top 2 out of each group and, based on those picks, choose your winners through the knock-out round to the championship.

The ESPN Soccernet group is a public group and is located here:

The Yahoo! predictor is a lot more intricate. You predict each game result. I've turned off predicted scores to make things a little simpler. These predictions can be changed up to 5 minutes before the predicted games' kick-off. I believe the knock-out predictions will be available after the knock-out round has been finalized.

The Yahoo! Sports World Soccer 2010 group is a public group and is located here:

Watch me be right!

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Anonymous said...

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