Wednesday, May 19, 2010

With the #1 Overall Pick in the 2010 NBA Draft...

It's as if everything that Ted Leonsis touches turns to gold. He's brought the Capitals to national prominence (despite their early playoff exit this year), and now, as ownership of the Wizards is passing to him, Washington catches a break and wins the NBA draft lottery, gaining the #1 pick in this summer's draft.

The Wizards had the #1 pick once before, when they selected Kwame Brown in the 2001 draft. Among the other players taken in the first round of that draft: Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Jason Richardson, Shane Battier, Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Troy Murphy, Zach Randolph, Gerald Wallace, Samuel Dalembert, and Tony Parker. So, not the best job.

This time, however, it looks like the Wizards can't foul it up. Kentucky's John Wall looks like the consensus #1 overall pick, with Ohio State's Evan Turner the only other possibility. The locals, though, are all going for Wall. Less than an hour after the lottery, I saw over a dozen Facebook posts by people excited about the Wizards drafting John Wall. He's clearly the fan favorite, and while I do trust basketball people to know better who should be taken first overall, I think it's worth mentioning that, right after the NCAA season ended a couple years ago, Kevin Durant was the obvious #1 pick, only to be snubbed by Portland in favor of big man Greg Oden. How's that working out?

Take John Wall.

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