Monday, March 22, 2010

Bold MLB Predictions 2010

American League

AL East: New York Yankees - Both Hughes and Joba spend time setting up Rivera. Yanks end with a 108 win season.
AL Central: Detroit Tigers - A sober Cabrera drives in 115+. Tigers win central by 5+ games
AL West: Seattle Mariners - Loss of Vlad (LAA) and a lack of pitching (Tex) leaves Seattle at the top of the division with all three finishing within 5 games of one another.
AL Wild Card: Boston Red Sox - A great rotation of Lackey, Lester, Beckett keeps them around Wild Card until deadline deal brings in Adrian Gonzalez.

AL Surprise: Baltimore Orioles - Led by their young talented outfield the O's finish third in the AL East and get to .500
AL Disappointment: Tampa Bay Rays - A slow start due to injuries leads to Tampa trading Crawford at the deadline. Never able to get back on track Rays finish 4th in AL East.

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
AL CY Young: Felix Hernandez, Mariners
AL ROY: Austin Jackson, Tigers

AL Champion: Boston Red Sox

National League

NL East: Atlanta Braves - Hudson, Lowe, and Glaus all have bounce back years. Heyward has solid rookie season and Chipper plays 130 games.
NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals - A full year of Holliday and Pujols together and development of second year player Rasmus leads to great offensive numbers for the Cards.
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers - Young stars Ethier and Kemp continue to improve. This combined with a motivated Manny leads them to division title.
NL Wild Card: Philadelphia Phillies - Slow start but way too much talent. Hamels pitches like its 2008.

NL Surprise: Pittsburgh Pirates - A fast start leads to the Pirates being in second place at the end of April. Alvarez, a June 1st call up, gets serious ROY consideration and leads Pirates to a 72 win season.
NL Disappointment: San Francisco Giants - Wear on Lincecum starts to show. His two trips to DL derails quick start to the season as Giants fall out of contention.

NL MVP: Ryan Howard, Phillies
NL CY Young: Yovani Gallardo, Brewers
NL ROY: Stephen Strasburg, Nationals (Wins 10 games after May call up)

NL Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Champions: Boston Red Sox

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